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  • The Office of the City Clerk is the City of Okeechobee’s custodian of public records.
  • The Police Records Clerk is the custodian of traffic incidents and/or other law enforcement type or FDLE reports.


Pursuant to Section 119.12, Florida Statutes, the contact information for the City’s custodian of public records is to be prominently posted in the building where the City of Okeechobee’s public records are routinely created, sent, received, maintained, and requested.


The location and contact information for the City Clerk is:

Lane Gamiotea, CMC, City Clerk

City of Okeechobee, City Hall

55 Southeast 3rd Avenue

Okeechobee, Florida 34974

863-763-3372 ext. 9814 (Tel)

863-763-1686 (Fax) (Email)


The location and contact information for the Records Clerk is:

 Records Clerk

City of Okeechobee, Police Department

50 Southeast 2nd Avenue

Okeechobee, Florida 34974

863-763-3372 ext. 9788 (Tel)

863-763-7804 (Fax) (Email)

There are two methods to obtain public records from the City:

Using Laserfiche

Conduct your own public records research by searching through the City’s Laserfiche system and print out the information yourself. Many public records are available for viewing via our Laserfiche weblink. Brief instructions are below. 

Weblink for Laserfiche 

Enter a word or phrase in the search box and click search.  For more than one specific word, enclose the phrase in quotations (example “dog park”).  Then click on the search button.

In Person, by Phone, or Email

You can also make a public records request by phone, email or in person at the Office of the City Clerk.  The City shall make every effort to respond to public records requests as quickly as possible, depending upon the nature, volume and scope of the request. Every effort will be made to give the requestor an expected date of delivery as soon as it can be determined.

There are costs associated with having the City Clerk print documents and those fees are listed below.

For the purpose of satisfying a public records request, the fee is to be charged by the City, to provide a copy of a public record in a medium not routinely used by the City, or to compile records not routinely developed or maintained by the City or that requires a substantial amount of research, examination or programming, must be in accordance with the paragraphs below.

If the nature or volume of public records requested to be inspected, examined or copied is such as to require extensive use of information technology resources, or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance by personnel of the City, or both, the City may charge in addition to the actual cost of duplication, a special service charge, which shall be reasonable and shall be based on the cost incurred for such extensive use of information technology resources or the labor cost of the personnel providing the service that is actually incurred by the City for the clerical and supervisory assistance required, or both. "Extensive" shall be interpreted to mean anything in excess of fifteen (15) minutes including time to retrieve, monitor, inspect, copy and re-file the City records to storage.

The fees to be charged for duplication of public records, or reports the City provides, shall be collected, deposited and accounted for in the manner prescribed for other operating funds of the City. In the event the estimated cost of the record to be produced is more than $50.00, the City shall require a deposit in amount of the estimated cost and the deposit shall be applied against the total cost of the records. The City Clerk's Office shall issue a receipt for funds collected and the City shall periodically deposit those funds into a miscellaneous revenue account.

The Public Records Act does not require that the City create documents that do not already exist, such as lists or summaries of information. It only requires inspection and copying upon request of public records that are already in existence and where no exemption applies.

We can only accept cash, checks, or money orders for payment; we cannot accept credit card or online payments at this time. Once you have verified your request falls under our jurisdiction, remit your payment to: 

City of Okeechobee

ATTN: Lien Search Request

Office of the City Clerk

55 SE 3rd Avenue, RM 100

Okeechobee, FL 34974


Description Cost Comments
1 -sided black and white copies $0.15/page Excludes Crash and Homicide Reports
2 -sided black and white copies $0.20/per page Excludes Crash and Homicide Reports
1 -sided color copy $0.50/per page  
2 -sided color copy $0.75/per page  
Certified copy $1.00/per page  
Crash Report $2.00 * *$10.00/report  
Homicide Report  * *$25.00/per report  
Colored Coded City Map $20.00/per map  
GIS color map page $1.00/each  
Floppy disk $1.00 /each  
Audio cassette tape $5.00/each  
DVD and CDs $10.00/each  
VHS tape $20.00/each  
Fingerprints, residents $5.00  
Fingerprints, non - residents $7.00  
Photographs (4”x6”) $6.00  
Solicitors' background check *$23.00  
Other police department background checks $5.00  
Parcel for Lien Search Request $20.00  
Documents larger than 11x17 Actual cost of duplication  


*Actual costs as amended by FDLE

* *Per F.S. 321.23(2)(a)

Procedures for assessing fees for public records or reports requests which require extensive use of information technology reserves, and/or which require extensive  clerical and/or supervisory assistance by personnel of the City, and/or in a medium requested which  the City does not ordinarily use, but which the City can provide as requested, or which the City can satisfy a request for records not routinely developed or maintained by the City that requires a substantial amount of research, examination or programming.


Lane Gamiotea, CMC
City Clerk
(863) 763-9814

Heather Prince
Deputy City Clerk
(863) 763-9814