City Forms

Building Department Complaint Form

Building Permit Application 

Business Tax Receipt - (fillable form)

Centennial Pavilion Rental 

Checklist for Residential Permitting

Checklist for Commercial Permitting

Contractor Change Form

Driveway Connection Permit

Electrical Affidavit

Final Platt Application

Future Land Use Map Amendment Application

Holding Property Rezoning Program Application


LDR Amendment Form

Lot Split/Deminimus Subdivision

Mechanical Contractor Affidavit

New Contractor Form

Notice of Commencement

Owner Builder Affidavit

Parade Permit Application

Park Banner Agreement

Park Use and/or Street Closing

Parking Reduction Application

Permit Fees

Plat Review Pre-Application

Pools - Determine if you need a permit

Public Records Exemption Request

Public Records Request

PUD -Conceptual Site Plan Review

PUD - Final Site Plan Review

PUD - M and Rezoning Application

PUD - Rezone

Reroof Affidavit

Roofing Affidavit - Owner Builder

Sign Permit Application

Site Plan Review Application

Storm Protection Extended Duration Notice

Street or Alley Closing Application

Sub-Contractor Form

Swimming Pool Safety Act

Temporary Use Development Permit Application

Temporary Use Permit for Commercial or Industrial District

Temporary Use Permit Application - Other Structures

Temporary Use Permit for Off Premise Outdoor Sales & Auctions

Unity of Title

Utility Permit - City of Okeechobee

Variance, Rezone & Special Exception Application & Checklist

Vendor Application

W9 Form