Contracting Opportunities

Mission Statement

Ensure that goods and services are acquired at fair and reasonable prices and the highest personal standards of conduct are maintained in all relationships with vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.


All bid openings are open to the public. All interested parties are welcome to witness the bid openings at the stated date, place, and time. There is no determination of award made at that time. A recommendation is made to the Okeechobee City Council, who makes the final determination of award.

All bids are subject to the public records law pursuant to Chapter 119, Florida Statute.

Bids, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Qualifications (RFQs)

How do vendors learn about contracting opportunities?

For small-scale contracts, the Purchasing Department will typically contact vendors directly for the purpose of obtaining quotes. For larger contracts, RFP or bid announcements are usually posted in local print publications, and on this website.


The Vendor Application should be completed if your business is interested in being notified when a solicitation is advertised for services that your business provides. A notice will be sent by email or fax to the address or number you provide.