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The City of Okeechobee Finance Department has the primary responsibility to safeguard and protect the City's assets, to insure maximum utilization of revenues, to provide financial support to departments/divisions, and to record and report accurate and timely financial information to all elected and appointed officials as well as the citizens of the City of Okeechobee.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

*       Budget - Develop and document an annual budget and various budget amendments as may be necessary to facilitate the planning of municipal fiscal activities and the dissemination of the plan.

*      Reporting - File reports with State and Federal agencies timely and completely.

*      Controls - Implement and modify as necessary controls over cash receipts, purchasing, payroll and     accounts payable processing, and other functions as may be determined to require controls.

*      Cash Management - Assure that funds held by the City are invested at a reasonable risk level to assure the maximum investment return.

*     Cash Collections - Assure that cash collections are received, recorded and deposited in a timely manner. 

*     Payroll - Assure that time reporting is complete, accurate and appropriately authorized. Assure that Payroll taxes, withholding, pension remittance and insurance deductions are accurately calculated, recorded and remitted in a timely manner. 

*     Accounts Payable - Assure that legitimate debts of the City are paid in a timely manner.

*     Fixed Asset Control- Inventory and recording of City Property.             2010-2011 Fiscal Year Amended Bu


Budgeted General Fund Revenues including Ad Valorem taxes for fiscal year 2013




2015-2016 Fiscal Year Adopted Budget

2014-2015 Amended Budget

2014-2015 Fiscal Year Proposed Budget

2013-2014 Fiscal Year Proposed Budget

2012-2013 Fiscal Year Adopted Budget

2011-2012 Fiscal Year Adopted Budget

                2010-2011 Fiscal Year Adopted Budget

Financial Reports:

2014 - Audited Financial Statement

2013 - Audited Financial Statement

2012 - Audited Financial Statement

2011 - Audited Financial Statement

2010 - Audited Financial Statement





     Finance Director, India Riedel                  863- 763-3372

extension 223

     e-mail address:  iriedel@cityofokeechobee.com

     Finance Clerk, Melissa Henry                     863-763-3372   extension 221
     e-mail address: mhenry@cityofokeechobee.com  

    Administrative Secretary, Kim Barnes      863- 763-3372

extension 222

    e-mail address:  kbarnes@cityofokeechobee.com