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City Clerk's Office


City Clerk, Lane Gamiotea, CMC is a Charter Officer who acts as Clerk to the Mayor and City Council, and is the City's Elections Official,  Personnel Administrator,and Records Management Liaison Officer. The Clerk including staff members, Deputy City Clerk, Bobbie J. Jenkins and Office Assistant, Marty Thomas are responsible for the following:

-Legislative Support

Sealing and Attesting All City Official Documents

Codification of City Charter, Code and Land Development Regulations

City Council Minutes

Zoning, Future Land Use, and Subdivision Maps

Posting of Public and Legal Notices

-City Elections Administration and Canvassing Board

General Election Information

Proclamation - Notice of General City Elections

Candidate Handbook

-Records Management

                Records Program Policy

                Public Records Request

-Citizen Board Member Appointments and Administration

                Board Member Vacancy Notices

                Board Applications


Our mission is to accurately record and preserve the Citys' history, serving the public impartially and with great care. Provide open and easy access to public records, ensuring the safety of our records by proper storage methods in accordance with state law and in the event of natural disasters. Efficiently administer City elections, working in coordination with the Okeechobee County Supervisor of Elections for the most streamlined and cost efficient process. Communicating all appropriated information and notices to the citizens, the Mayor and City Council, Citizen Boards and City Staff. We continually train in related education courses, attend conferences, technological methods, stay current with new laws related to our jobs and provide cross training for not only our office but other departments so that we are truly a team.




  City Clerk, Lane Gamiotea, CMC 863- 763-3372

extension 215

     e-mail address: lgamiotea@cityofokeechobee.com



   Deputy City Clerk, Bobbie J. Jenkins 863- 763-3372

extension 215

      e-mail address:bjenkins@cityofokeechobee.com



   Office Assistant, Marty Thomas 863- 763-3372

extension 227

     e-mail address: mthomas@cityofokeechobee.com